Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Abigail helps mom with the dishes

We took this picture to prove to Abigail when she's much older that there was a time when she wanted to do the dishes. Actually, for some reason she's fascinated with the dishwasher and everytime it's opened she comes crawling at top speed to get to it. Must be because she's not supposed to get into it!


Abigail's first trip to the carousel at the Irvine Spectrum was a big hit. I don't know who got more of a kick out of it, Abi or Dad.

Dad kept Abigail safe. He was disappointed they didn't have any "adult-sized" horsies. :P

Then it was mommy's turn. It was a nice day for all 3 1/2 of the Bybees.


When Abigail first got this Tigger from her Aunt Becky, Uncle Paul, and cousin Carter, she was terrified of it. But she's since made her peace with Tigger and likes to go for rides on him regularly. She also enjoys trying to eat his head.

Abi loves her Aunt Karen

This is the outfit Bronco fan Aunt Karen got for Abi and other nieces and nephews to wear. I know, I know, she looks like a boy. This pic's for you, Karen. :P

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eight Months Old!

Abigail turned eight months old yesterday and she's wasting no time in getting ready to walk.

She's been walking with the help of furniture for a while, but is now practicing her balance by standing on her own.

She even gets brave sometimes and moves her hands around.

"Yea!" She says, "I'll soon be running around this place and can REALLY get into things!

Who wants a hug?

We also finally got a bin for all of Abi's toys. Of course we couldn't resist putting her in it. She seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes. Then, of course, she tried to get out of it, head first.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Houston Visit

Abigail and Annette visited the Greaves house in Houston for a week so they could see Abi's new cousin Owen.

Abigail likes to "play with" Owen.

Owen looking around. Where did she go?

Is it my imagination, or does Abigail look about three times as big as Owen?

Hehe. This pic is not flattering to either baby!

Abigail always had to be restrained around Owen as she wanted to show him her love so frequently.

She really enjoyed the many toys at Owen's. Wonder if he'll be mad she played with them first?

Everything still goes in the mouth.

Cute little guy, eh?

Such beautiful blonde hair and red eyes. :)

Abigail and Annette visited baby Owen, Jane, Dave, and Grandma Nancy in Houston

Grandma Nancy was very helpful with Owen.

She also got to spend time with Abigail.

Classic Owen pose. Hopefully he's not really scared, like he appears to be!

Grandma can't get enough of baby Owen.

Annette and Grandma Nancy with the babies at the Houston temple. Both babies enjoyed their time with Grandma Nancy very much.