Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, Abi is officially one, and we had a wonderful party to celebrate. Many of her friends and family were in attendance and she enjoyed her cake very much. She also received some very lovely gifts for which she is extremely grateful. She's having a blast playing with her new teapot set, her xylophone/piano, her new doggies, her singing tigers, her pink pony, her fridge phonics, reading her new books, reading/listening to her Peter and the Wolf set, and of course, wearing her new clothes. (She's even promised to share her new things with her baby sister when she gets here!) Here are some pics of Abigail as the belle of the ball:

So cute in her party dress and bow.
The stage is set for the eating of the cake. Here it comes! Now, how do I get hold of that fire?

Abi's friend Jordyn remembers her first birthday with nostalgia.

Grandma Donna encouraged Abi to really enjoy that cake!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Abi Turns One

Yesterday was Abigail's first birthday. Even though her official party is this Saturday, we decided she needed to celebrate on her actual birthday as well. So we got her a cupcake. She tried really hard to grab the flame off of the candle.

But she soon proved she is her mother's child and got right down to gobbling up the frosting!

I think she set a record for cake eating ... and ended up with a cake beard to prove it. Happy Birthday, Abigail!
(There will be a LOT more pics after Saturday's big shindig.)