Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orange County Zoo

Here we the park! We took the girls to the Orange County Zoo, which is really just a mini-zoo in a park in Irvine. But Abi had fun. Annabelle slept pretty much the whole time. So she probably won't remember much. :)
Dad had fun showing Abi the animals. She was more interested in following other kids around. I thought she was going to bring one little boy home with her. He was cute and had big blue eyes. I thought, she's already finding boyfriends!
The animals were pretty sleepy. This bear didn't look real because he barely moved. Could have passed for animatronic.
Can you tell Annette had the camera most of the time? Abi and Chris had a lot of father-daughter time while Annette pushed the sleeping Annabelle. All in all, it was a nice Saturday.

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