Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visit with family

Annette's mom Nancy and stepdad Erny came to town and then her cousin Natalie dropped in with her son Colton. We had a full house and lots of fun. Here's Abi with Colton, who is the same age. They made quite a racket together and had a blast.

Grandma Nancy and her favorite grandkids. :P

Daddy-daughter time at the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.

The whole gang.

Chris got a great shot of his favorite subject.


MarQuette said...

Hi Annette,
This is MarQuette, Rachelles sister - do you remember me? I ran across your blog on Chels blog and just thought I'ld drop by. Yor girls are adorable. Looks like you have a beautiful family! Hope all is well with you!

Granni P said...

Hi Annette and Chris.
Just checking in on how you all are. I love blogs. They help me keep up with all the loved ones I never see nor hear about or from. You're family is so cute! Glad to hear you got to visit with your mom and Erny. Keep in touch and visit me at my blog.